Saturday, April 30, 2011

No. 2: Do shopping instead of waiting in line inside the shop (April 30, 2011)

Taya, one of Japan’s leading hairdressing salon chains, started a unique service. Visit one of its hairdressing salons in Tokyo, and you can find a liquid crystal display monitor at the reception counter. It is a kind of automatic reception machine that you can find at banks and post offices. Put your requirements, such as how you wish to have your hair cut, on the monitor and print out the sheet on which you see your reception number. Read out the QR code on the sheet with your mobile phone and send a blank e-mail, and you can receive an e-mail telling your turn 15-20 minute before you have to take a chair inside the shop to make yourself ready for hairdressing. One of the customers is very happy with this service because she can do shopping instead of waiting in line inside the shop reading magazines, saying that she no longer needs to worry if the shop is crowded. The Shampoo that is the economical hairdressing salon chain managed by Taya offers haircut for 1,900 yen, and customers do not need to make a reservation. Because no reservation is needed, customers often go to another hairdressing salon seeing the long waiting line inside the shop. As the competition among economical hairdressing salons intensifies, the company places expectation in this new service as a strong weapon for business growth.

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